Multifamily Real Estate Investment Manager

Protecting investor capital and delivering compelling returns through every phase of the economic cycle.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Sunstone is an owner, operator, and fund manager focused on multifamily real estate assets.

Headquartered in Southern California, Sunstone specializes in value-add and opportunistic Workforce Housing, and in developing Workforce Housing, in primary, secondary and tertiary markets located in US Sunbelt states.

About Us

What We Do

Using its Fully integrated platform, Sunstone selectively acquires existing apartment communities, creating value through renovation and reconstruction increasing net operating income, operating efficiency and rent growth.

Sunstone also develops Workforce Housing.

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Why Multifamily?

Over the last decade, the multifamily sector has maintained the highest occupancy levels, the least amount of volatility and the highest risk-adjusted returns of all other real estate asset classes. Multifamily also provides a more effective hedge against inflation than other real estate asset classes as the typical 12-month tenant leases allow for rent to be increased annually as the price of goods and services rise.

The sharp rise in the cost of homeownership and current preferences of young adults waiting longer to start families has increased the demand for rental housing overall. While there is minimal new supply of Workforce Housing coming onto the market, unlike luxury apartments, Sunstone’s tenant base represents the largest group of renters in the US.

Sunstone Advantage

  • With its fully integrated platform, Sunstone is able to take advantage of strategic opportunities, in a cost-effective manner, that many of its competitors cannot.
  • Our functional, quality project renovations preserve much needed housing for working class households.
  • Sunstone’s seasoned management team utilizes their extensive real estate experience to drive value through their interactive and collaborative approach.
  • Sunstone goes beyond expectations to deliver on our commitments to investors, partners, residents and communities.

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