To deliver compelling risk adjusted returns, we rely on the full collaboration of each of our teams throughout the investment cycle of each asset.


Each team is responsible for an investment success and are directly accountable for performance.

Our people and reputation are Sunstone’s greatest assets. Our mission is to protect the investors capital and deliver compelling returns through every phase of the economic cycle.

John Charles Maddux


Sunstone Interconnected Platform

Transaction Sourcing

Underwriting and Due Diligence

Debt and Equity

Construction and Development

Asset  Management

Fund Administration and Investor Relations

  • Underwriting and Due Diligence

  • Debt & Equity

  • Construction

  • Asset Management

  • Fund Administration & Investor Reporting

  • Transaction Sourcing

  • Value Creation

    Sunstone has a solid track record of execution with an extensive network of brokers in every target market.

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    Due Diligence & Underwriting

    Staff from each company discipline thoroughly reviews every aspect of a potential acquisition utilizing a comprehensive underwriting model.

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    Architecture & Design

    In addition to producing efficient designs, Sunstone’s architectural staff analyzes every potential development site for its feasibility and highest and best use.

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    Construction Management

    By self-managing with Sunstone’s construction staff and international supply chain, projects are completed on time and on budget.

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    Fund Administration & Investor Reporting

    Transparency and timely institutional quality reporting is provided through SS&C, a world-class fund administrator.

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    Property Management

    Under the direction of Asset Management, best-in-class property managers are engaged to implement each property’s business plan by leveraging their expertise of specific local markets.

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    Asset Managment

    Asset Management is involved with every acquisition to ensure that underwriting is aligned with

    Value Creation
    Capital Markets

    Sunstone obtains reasonable assurance of debt and equity sources before entering into an acquisition agreement and maintains strong relationships with investors and lenders.

    Value Creation
    Market Research

    Sunstone performs extensive research into economic and consumer trends, migration patterns, capital markets as well as tracking changes in individual submarkets.

    Value Creation

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