Our people and reputation are Sunstone’s greatest assets. Our mission is to protect investor capital and deliver compelling returns through every phase of the economic cycle.


Core Values

Integrity is the foundation of our business.

Sunstone firmly believes that our culture of collaboration, equality, inclusion and empowerment makes it possible to leverage the collective experience of our staff who constantly strive for excellence and continuous improvement in all that we do. Our vision of conserving capital is accomplished through Sunstone’s industry focus and expertise in multifamily markets and operations, creating a balance of long-term value creation and attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors. We attribute our success to our core values; our integrity and transparency in stewarding our investments and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Sunstone team.


Our responsibility to our investors drives each business decision.


Commitments are carefully made and consistently met.


Sunstone’s diverse perspectives promote the development of new opportunities and solutions.


Honesty and clarity define Sunstone’s culture and character.


Collaboration magnifies our efforts and abilities.


Core Values

Integrity is the foundation of our business.


We expect our people to maintain the highest ethical standards both professionally and personally. We place integrity before profit and reputation before returns. Integrity is the foundation of our business.


Our capital and reputation are always on the line. Our mandate is to safely, steadily, and honorably grow investor income and value. We strive for excellence in all that we do. Anything less is never acceptable.


We use creativity, relationships, and wisdom drawn from many years of experience to find opportunities. We have an uncompromising determination to succeed at everything we undertake.

Good People

Our people determine the quality of our company. We expect our people to be hard-working, honorable, and to always treat others with dignity. We take great care to recruit the best person for every position.

Constant Improvement

Our goal is to never become complacent. Our methods will evolve over time to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. We strive to learn from lessons past and present.

Community Service

We seek to make a positive impact wherever and with whomever we work through donating our time and resources.


We stress teamwork in everything we do. While individual creativity is always encouraged, the synergy realized in teamwork magnifies our efforts to levels beyond our individual capabilities.

Value Creation

We strive to be innovative and seek ways to create value in everything we do. We encourage creative problem-solving by soliciting many viewpoints to arrive at the best solution. We seek opportunities where we can apply our value creation talents.


Our people and reputation are Sunstone’s greatest assets.

At sunstone’s we fully believes in fostering an environment where every employee has the opportunity to reach their full potential our culture of full collaboration and transparency at all level, allows every one to share their ideas to works toward a common goal.

We’re always seeking high caliber talent to join our team. Visit our Job Postings for current openings. If you do not see your opportunity listed, please send your resume, salary history and goals to

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